If you are a growing CPA or accounting firm, located in Texas, and you want to turn technology into a power tool that can keep your company secure & move your business forward instead of being just a problem that slows you down and costs you time and money, then we can help!

Our accounting clients typically have 10 to 250 employees, multiple locations and rely on their computers, network, and Internet for daily operations, especially during tax season. They also typically have specialized line of business applications that they use to run their business and rely heavily on that software being operational.  Enhanced cybersecurity and protection against hackers, ransomware and other threats is becoming more important to this special group of clients. Some of our accounting clients outsource their entire IT operation and some have a small internal IT team that we assist as needed.

Add our technology & cybersecurity experts to your team when:

  • You need a trusted IT partner that really understands how accounting firms operate as well as the unique demands that this industry has to deliver its services and meet hard filing deadlines.
  • You want to focus on profitability, not the technology.
  • Your current system seems to hinder business more than it helps.
  • You need better reliability and security for your computer network.
  • You know that computer downtime costs you money.
  • You need to be certain your data is always backed up, period.
  • You need to know where your inventory is at all times.
  • You'd like to enable your employees to work remotely.
  • You want your employees to do the jobs they were hired for, not waste their time on computer problems.
  • You believe that paying to prevent problems is more efficient than paying to fix problems.
  • You're looking to expand your business but need to know the technology and costs involved in doing so.
  • Your interests are tied to the bottom line.
  • You need reliable, secure IT services for your office and protection from ransomware and hackers.

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