If you are a company already has an IT Dept. and is located in Texas, then we can help!  We call this “CO-Managed IT” and it’s the perfect partnership because we take the load off your internal IT team and help them accomplish all the things they could never do on their own.  We work with your IT team and get things done. And there are no additional employee costs, benefits, or additional training needed on your part.  It’s like having an on-call and as-needed IT Dept. at a fraction of the cost.

Our “co-managed IT” clients typically have 50 to 500 employees, multiple locations and rely on their computers, network, and Internet for daily operations. There is also generally one or more specialized line of business applications that are used to run their business and they rely heavily on that software being operational.  We help companies with internal IT to accomplish their large projects, handle escalated issues, and assist with implementation and guidance on IT, cybersecurity, and cloud.

Add our technology & cybersecurity experts to your existing IT team when:

  • You need a trusted IT partner that is highly available, responsive, and there when your IT Dept. needs an extra hand with support, projects, cloud, and security.
  • You want to focus on profitability, not IT and adding more headcount.
  • Your IT team is struggling, at no fault of their own, to keep up with current demands, even though they work overtime.
  • You need better reliability and advanced security for your computer network but need some guidance and help with implementation.
  • You need advanced IT expertise, but only on occasion and cannot afford to staff a fulltime CIO, CTO, or subject matter expert.
  • You’d feel better having an outside, unbiased “second set of eyes” on overall IT systems and security so that you can sleep well at night.

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